Classical Harp

The Classical Harp, also known as the concert harp or pedal harp, is the most formal and elegant of instruments in the harp family.

It is played in beautiful settings from grand hotels or formal gardens to sacred cathedrals.

Classical repertoire includes Mozart, Bach and Debussey.  Jazz and American Songbook standards grace the instrument as well.

Celtic Harp

The Celtic or Irish harp is the forerunner of the classical harp.

It's home is more within the magical realm. Renaissance and fairy worlds are at play if the venue is a forest or rustic inn.


Classical Duets:


Harp& Cello



Classical Trios:

Harp, Flute& Cello

Harp, Violin & Cello


Irish and Renaissance


May include Irish harp,

fiddle, tenor mandolin, cello, bodhran, Uilleann pipes, flute  recorders and Irish whistles.




The Storywrens

The Storywrens are Celtic Renaissance band specializing in traditional story songs from the British Isles.

Please visit

for more information




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